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Penny Wright 22 Oct 2014

The Hidden Toll

Senator WRIGHT: I want to go to the recommendations of the 'The hidden toll: suicide in Australia', the Senate report into suicide in 2010. This might be a question for Senator Nash to start with. I note that their National Party's 2013 federal election policy platform included a commitment to implementing the recommendations of the Hidden Toll report. Is the minister able to comment on the government's intention to keep that commitment?

Senator Nash: Not at this stage. We are certainly well aware of those issues, but not at this stage.

Senator WRIGHT: When you say you are 'well aware of those issues', do you mean the issue of the National Party making that pre-election commitment?

Senator Nash: I mean the issues contained in the report. It would be a matter for the senior minister, and I would be happy to take that on notice for you.

Senator WRIGHT: Leaving aside that particular issue of her pre-election commitment, does the government have any intention to implement the recommendations of that report at any time and what sort of time frame might that have?

Senator Nash: Again, it is the responsibility of the senior minister and I am happy to take that on notice. 

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