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Don’t blame our teachers, Mr Pyne

Media Release
Penny Wright 19 Feb 2014

Boosting teacher salaries and improving professional support must be the focus of the Abbott Government's review of teacher training, says Australian Greens spokesperson for Schools, Senator Penny Wright.

Senator Wright said she was concerned the review panel was instead a way to point the figure at teachers and shift the focus from the Government's poor policies.

"First Christopher Pyne blamed the curriculum for sliding education standards. Now he's blaming the teachers," Senator Wright said.

"He'll blame everything and everyone except the real problem - this government's policy of giving more to the wealthy and ignoring ordinary kids.

"Since the Howard years, the Federal Government has been funnelling more and more money to private schools - they've actively created the inequality that worldwide experts now say is holding Australia back.

"All the evidence shows the most cost-effective way we can invest in education is to support those kids falling behind.

"The Minister for Education keeps selling the furphy it's not money that will fix Australia's sliding educational performance, but money is what pays for teachers and it's what pays for better training and support.

"Everyone agrees we need the best and brightest teachers in the classroom, but that just won't happen unless we treat teachers like the professionals they are.

"This means fair wages, appropriate career structures and support for the challenging work they do.

"Teaching will also be a more attractive career when schools are properly funded and teachers know they'll have the resources to do their job well."


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