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Cruel court fee hikes could harm family violence victims

Media Release
Penny Wright 15 May 2015

The Abbott Government's cruel hike to Family Court fees could delay victims of domestic violence from seeking a divorce, Australian Greens legal affairs spokesperson Senator Penny Wright says.

"When the previous government raised court fees, Attorney General George Brandis called it 'a disguised Labor tax'," Senator Wright said.

"Now he's copying their tricks and using families going through tough times as a way to raise revenue for the Abbott Government."

Senator Wright, who chaired a Senate inquiry into the Labor increases in 2013, said there was already evidence high court costs were dissuading women trying to leave abusive marriages.

"Cost is the most common barrier for people seeking legal help and court fees are already too high," she said.

"There are already people out there saving week-by-week to cover the cost of their divorce application - some who are victims of domestic violence - who are now going to be slugged with a 50 per cent increase.

"It is completely inappropriate to target family breakdown as a cash cow for the government."

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