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Coalition budget likely to increase suicide and mental ill-health in young people

Penny Wright 17 Jul 2014

I table the document Budget 2014 Policy Briefing Papers from ConNetica, and I move that the Senate-

(a) notes the findings of the Connetica Budget 2014 Policy Briefing Papers which outline:

(i) the disproportionate burden the 2014 15 budget cuts will place on young people,

(ii) the potential for an increase in suicides and mental ill-health among young Australians as a result of harsh budget measures, including changes to Newstart, increases to university fees, cutting the Tools for your Trade program, and ending support programs like Youth Connections, and

(iii) that isolation, dislocation, loneliness, hopelessness and unemployment can increase anxiety, despair and depression;

(b) recognises that public policy has a direct impact on the mental health and wellbeing of the community; and

(c) urges the Government to reverse budget decisions which will adversely affect the mental health of young Australians.

This motion was supported by the Senate.

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