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Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Day

Penny Wright 25 Jun 2014

We move that the Senate :

1.       notes that:

a.       at any point in time, about 1.8% of the general population experiences Borderline Personality Disorder;

b.      the disorder can be characterised by overwhelming emotions, problems with relationships, impulsive and risk-taking behaviour and a fragile sense of self; and

c.       a history of trauma, abuse or deprivation is common among those with the disorder; and

2.       with the aim of promoting understanding of the disorder in the community and working towards better treatment options and quality of life for those affected by the disorder, acknowledges that 5 October 2014 is Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Day.

Penny Wright, Senator for South Australia

Sue Boyce, Senator for Queensland

Jan McLucas, Senator for Queensland


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