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Action on education crucial in the Asian Century

Media Release
Penny Wright 29 Oct 2012

As one of the first major steps towards strengthening its place in the Asia-Pacific region, and to better engage with its Asian neighbours, Australia needs to properly value and resource its public education system, Australian Greens spokesperson for Schools, Senator Penny Wright said.

Responding to the Government's Asian White Paper, Senator Wright said that the paper rightly highlighted the need to improve Australia's education system, creating better opportunities for all children and benefitting our whole nation in the long-term.

"Additional public school funding and focus on Asian Languages and cultural awareness in schools throughout the whole curriculum, especially in children's early years, will be critical to ensuring better engagement with our Asian neighbours.

"Action speaks louder than words. For Australia to reach a top five ranking for reading, science and mathematics literacy by 2025, we need to start by legislating Gonski reforms in 2012.

"A high-quality and equitable public education system is one of the best financial investments we can make as a nation.

"Investing in the education of our kids will increase skills, innovation and productivity and give every child the chance to reach their full potential."


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