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Abbott's Budget has no vision for SA

Media Release
Penny Wright 13 May 2015

The 2015 Budget has no vision for the future of South Australia, say SA's Australian Greens Senators.

Senator Penny Wright said the Government was continuing to protect big business at the expense of everyday South Australians.

"The Abbott Government has absolutely no vision for South Australia's future. Rather than finding new sources of revenue from the big end of town, this Budget cuts one vital service to fund another," Senator Wright said.

"Despite one of the biggest-spending Budgets in recent history, this budget means that the things that matter - our schools, hospitals and the environment - all lose.

"Every South Australian student will be worse off as school funding flatlines in the next four years.

"This budget also halves spending to tackle climate change, which is a huge worry for our state. As the driest state, South Australia will be hit first and hit hardest by climate change.

"The budget completely fails to acknowledge the urgency of transitioning to a renewable energy economy, which will have huge economic and environmental benefits for our state."

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said South Australian families and children will suffer from the 2015 Budget decisions on Paid Parental Leave, child care reform and lack of investment in science and research.

"Additional investment in childcare is crucial for our kids but it can't be delivered off the backs of poorer families and new mothers," Senator Hanson-Young said.

"South Australian families are going to have to wait two years for the new subsidy to be introduced meaning they won't feel any reprieve until after the next election.  This is particularly concerning when we know the rising cost of childcare and issues of availability are hurting families now.

"Mothers across the state are going to be hardest hit by Mr Abbott's slashing of the paid parental leave scheme.

"Over half of all new mothers have been locked out of accessing the scheme and have been robbed of $11,500 each.

"With three universities in SA employing some the country's top researchers, investment in science and research is crucial.

"In this budget the Abbott government continues to hold investment in science and research at the lowest levels in thirty years. This will have massive implications on the state's economy and future prosperity.

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