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Time to make rural mental health a priority

Penny Wright 6 Aug 2015

The Australian Greens spokesperson for mental health, Penny Wright, is calling for rural mental health to be a top priority in Australia’s fifth mental health plan.

Mental Health Australia is meeting with the Federal Government today to begin discussions around the country’s next mental health plan.

Senator Wright, who has worked extensively with rural communities around mental health, says it is time they were put on the map.

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NAPLAN results signal need for school funding overhaul

Penny Wright 5 Aug 2015

NAPLAN results, which came out today, suggest that Australian high school students are flat-lining and Senator Wright has called for a fresh look at how schools are funded in Australia to make sure students are getting the best education.

Senator Wright recommends implementing the findings from the senate inquiry into ‘The effectiveness of the National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy’.

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Citizenship Laws an Affront to Democracy

Penny Wright 4 Aug 2015

Senator Wright has joined a chorus of voices raising concern about the Government’s proposed citizenship bill, as the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security meet to scrutinise the new legislation.

"These laws are a mess. Based on the charade of some “self-executing” event, they belie the fact that someone, somewhere has to make a decision about citizenship without properly testing the evidence. This poses huge concerns for human rights organizations, media outlets and lawyers,” said Senator Wright.

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Penny Wright to step aside as a Greens Senator for South Australia

Penny Wright 17 Jul 2015

Greens Senator for South Australia Penny Wright has announced she will be stepping aside, due to illness in the family.

"I have thought very carefully about this step. I am disappointed to be leaving the Senate and my colleagues but I know that this is the right decision for my family and me," said Senator Wright.

"As a founding member of the Greens in South Australia, I'm proud of what our party has achieved so far and I know that we have high quality candidates who will be nominating as my replacement.

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Abbott government cuts lead to axing of high-performing SA community health program

Penny Wright 3 Jul 2015

The Greens say it is deplorable that Abbott Government's health cuts will lead to the loss of an $8 million community care program and force mentally ill patients in South Australia to spend more time in hospitals.

Australian Greens spokesperson on mental health and Senator for South Australia Penny Wright said that the government has pulled the rug out from under this program that works, has been cost-effective, and significantly improves the lives of South Australians.

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Full scrutiny missing from review of citizenship bill

Penny Wright 25 Jun 2015

Senator WRIGHT (South Australia) (13:08):  I want to express the great disappointment of the Australian Greens on the vote that just took place, when the government and the opposition and a significant number of the crossbenchers voted not to refer the citizenship bill, also known as the Allegiance to Australia bill, to the full scrutiny of the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee of the Senate.

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Greens succeed in unwinding Abbott's divorce tax

Penny Wright 25 Jun 2015

The Senate has overturned the Abbott Government's Family Court fee increases, voting in favour of a disallowance motion by Australian Greens spokesperson for legal affairs Senator Penny Wright.

The increased fees, which would have particularly affected family violence victims, is the first of the Abbott Government's 2015 Budget measures to be knocked back by the Senate.

Senator Wright said the fee hikes, such as a $350 increase to the cost of a divorce application, were unjustified.

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Labor and Liberal deal to gut Renewable Energy Target duds SA

Australian Greens Senator for South Australia Penny Wright says the Renewable Energy Target legislation that passed the Senate last night will hit South Australia hardest.

"South Australia is the biggest loser out of Labor and Liberal's dirty deal to cut the Renewable Energy Target.

"We have the highest percentage of homes with solar panels, the most energy sourced from renewables and the most investment now at risk.

"Not only do we lose the opportunity for more clean energy, but we lose the jobs and investment that spin off from renewable energy.

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Abbott’s citizenship laws more about posturing than protection

Penny Wright 23 Jun 2015

The Australian Greens say the Abbott Government's citizenship laws outlined today are a cynical attempt to bypass the courts yet again, but will not make Australians any safer.

Spokesperson for Legal Affairs Senator Penny Wright said the Prime Minister had made it clear the power to determine who would lose citizenship still rested with the Immigration Minister, who would decide which terrorist organisations are proscribed under the Citizenship Act.

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