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$17m for teacher training can't paper over billion-dollar school cuts

Media Release
Penny Wright 7 May 2015

The Australian Greens have slammed the Abbott Government for trying to spin $17 million for teacher training as a budget win while cutting billions from schools.

Spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright said $17m was a drop in the ocean compared to the government's broken promises on Gonski, which will see $3 billion less than forecast go to schools in the next budget.

"Even the best teacher training programs in the world are not enough if the schools teachers end up in are chronically underfunded," Senator Wright said.

"Teacher training can't make up for situations where there's not enough money for textbooks, or no extra assistance for kids with special needs.

"This government continually asks teachers to do more with less, then lays the blame at their feet.

"If this government was serious about improving the quality of education in Australia, they wouldn't be cutting the fifth and sixth years of Gonski funding needed to bring every school up to standard.

"Without that money, every school and every student is worse off, and no pre-budget spin from the Abbott Government can change that."

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