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100 days of mental health innaction

Media Release
Penny Wright 8 Jan 2014

Despite promises to prioritise mental health in his first 100 days as Health Minister, Minister Dutton has not mentioned the words "mental health" once in Parliament, says Australian Greens mental health spokesperson Senator Penny Wright.

"At best this is another broken promise from the Abbott Government. At worst, Mr Dutton has kept his word and this is actually the most we can expect to see from him," Senator Wright said.

"Almost half of all Australians will experience mental ill-health at some point in our lives, yet the Minister has only put out one media release focusing on mental health since October.

"He has posted more tweets about the cricket than about mental health - an issue which costs our economy billions each year.

"Worse, he has not spoken about mental health once in Parliament - what a shame for 100,000 people currently missing out on mental health treatment.

"Australians were outraged when the Coalition chose not to appoint a dedicated mental health minister. They will be even more irate that the man who promised so much has done nothing to push mental health to the front of the political agenda.

"Since promising to prioritise mental health for the first 100 days of his ministry, Peter Dutton has not been quoted talking about mental health in any major news outlet.

"Mental health matters every day, but if the Minister can't keep his word for even 100 days, what hope is there for the rest of his time in government?"

Let Minister Dutton you think mental health matters every day - sign our petition.


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